Working in the pandemic

Although as a business we are mainly working remotely, it’s important to note that we are all in this together. Certainly there is a new normal and we are all required to adapt to the new challenges this may bring.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new. – Way of The Peaceful Warrior

For some there remains the challenge of social interaction with other work colleagues, for others it brings a more beneficial work life balance. There is real value in workplace flexibility and remote working, as it allows you to focus your energy on work and life, as opposed to commuting or other office based complications. It can offer a tremendous productivity improvement with time to process properly without the torment of day-to-day office politics and melodrama.

Work smart whilst working remotely. Where possible dedicate work space at home where you can close the door and set your office hours. It is important to take regular breaks and exercise, as this will benefit both the body and mind.

Technology now allows us to connect anytime, anywhere to anyone in the world from almost any device. This is a collaboration platform I don’t believe TRIQS have made the most use of in the last 9 months, something we are about to change. 

Despite the obvious, this year promises to be a progressive year within the industry. The Construction Products Association (CPA) forecasts recovery in this year with outputs expected to exceed 14% with further expected rises in 2022. Sustained recovery is expected from the second quarter this year as the role out of vaccinations takes momentum. This is all good news and welcoming for the new-year ahead.

No matter what happens TRIQS will keep moving forward, so hang on in there guys, we have better times ahead!