Why should young people get into construction roles?

Thinking about career paths? Have you considered a role in construction?

As one of the most diverse and innovative industries, a construction career can be very fulfilling and appealing to people of various backgrounds!

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a career in the construction industry and related fields:


Gone are the days when construction was simply seen as a “man’s industry” – we love how more women are taking an interest and pursuing careers in construction, with reports showing a third of 18 year olds considering this industry being female, a number we expect to rise!

The industry is also consistently looking at ways to promote diversity, such as more flexible work environments and opportunities for upskilling to encourage those from ethnic minority backgrounds, people with disabilities and more.


Is having a sustainable role one of your priorities? It’s essential that the construction industry adapts in order to be more environmentally friendly, and some of the ways this has already been achieved include:

  • Working towards the government’s target of net-zero by 2040.
  • Reducing or eliminating the use of diesel on-site.
  • Using recycled materials on projects. 
  • Setting up sustainability divisions in companies.

And more!

Various paths into jobs

There’s no one fixed way into the construction industry, so you can find something that suits you based on age, learning methods etc. For example, if you prefer a more vocational approach, you might choose T-Levels or an apprenticeship, or if you benefit from classroom-based learning, there are various degree courses in the field. Read more about the best ways into the construction industry here.

Ongoing growth

There’s no feeling like you’re in a “dead-end” job with construction – there’s always something to learn and skills to gain! You can even discuss with your employers ways to enhance this e.g. advanced apprenticeships and online courses.

Variety in roles

Whether you prefer something more office-based, or want to be on-site – or even a bit of both! Construction gives you the opportunity to find an area you will thrive in.  

Job stability

Since there will always be a demand for construction jobs and projects, you can be more assured of job stability, so you can focus on continuing to advance your career.

Are there any more benefits of working in construction for young people that you would add? Let us know!

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