What the UK’s new energy strategy means for the construction industry

Since the hike in energy prices, new ways to source power are being explored – and the government has announced a major acceleration of nuclear, solar, wind and hydrogen power. 

The strategy includes plans for up to 8 new nuclear reactors to be built, with the ambition of up to 24GW by 2050, which could provide the UK with up to 25% of its energy needs.

A new body, Great British Nuclear, will be heading the projects, and an immediate £120m Future Nuclear Enabling Fund has been launched. 

There are also plans for small modular reactors (SMRs) in the new strategy, to act as a low-carbon energy source to support a secure, affordable, decarbonised energy system.

Targets for both offshore wind and solar power will be raised from current levels – it’s set out that 50GW of offshore wind should be produced by 2030, which would be enough to power every home in the UK!

UK solar’s boost would mean up to 70GW will be generated by 2030, outstripping offshore wind. This concludes the “everything” plan that covers all bases to avert future crises. 

Although these plans bring plenty of hope for the future, especially in sourcing energy in our own country, they have been criticised for not considering the short-term alongside the long-term. 

We hope this is a good sign that energy prices and shortages won’t affect our industry as much, and can help us complete projects in a more efficient and eco-friendly way.