What construction policies will the UK’s next Prime Minister have?

As the leadership race draws closer to its end, the construction industry has been analysing Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak’s policies for the duration of their potential terms and beyond.

Both candidates have promised to remain committed to being net zero by 2050, however there is some difference in policy beyond this.

For example, Rishi Sunak has promised to protect the greenbelt as one of his key policies, whilst Liz Truss has a pro-housebuilding stance.

Truss has also stated her intentions to revive the Northern Powerhouse Rail plans “in full” if she is voted in. She also plans to suspend green energy levies. 

Sunak, however, hopes to set a new legal target for the UK to be energy dependent by 2045, and is considering a new home energy efficiency scheme this year.

These are just some of the policies that have already been outlined, but there’s still a lot left to clarify in terms of sustainability, transport and other areas affecting the construction industry. 

Having a clear-cut, long-term infrastructure strategy will help us continue the boom the industry is seeing post-COVID, and reach national targets for leveling up and net zero.

There also needs to be a way in which this growth can continue under current inflation levels – we hope more investment and spending in the sector can aid this. 

We hope there’s many new projects to look forward to under our next Prime Minister, but also that existing projects continue to flourish, such as HS2, Sizewell C, the new hospital programme and more. 

Is there anything you hope to see under Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak that would benefit our industry? Let us know!