TRIQS’ Top 5 ways to get into the construction industry

Whether you have just received your results, or want to switch up your career to join the construction industry, here are the various ways you can get a career in this field!

One of the best things about working in construction is that there are roles for all levels, suited to your skill set, whether you want something more office-based or on-site.

Here are just a few ways to get into construction:


Apprenticeships are a great way to get into construction, as you benefit from structured training whilst gaining valuable workplace experience – all whilst getting paid!

These are available for all ages, whether you have just finished formal education or even to be upskilled on the job!

Previously, we wrote a blog with our top tips for becoming a quantity surveying apprentice – check it out here.


T-Levels are an alternative to A-Levels for 16-19 year olds, offering a gold standard vocational course. One T-Level is worth the same UCAS points as 3 A-Levels!

These are 2 year programmes with 80% of time spent in the classroom and 20% on an industry placement. Example T-Levels that can kickstart your career in construction include Building Services Engineering for Construction; Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction, and Onsite Construction.

Skills bootcamps

Skills bootcamps are for adults aged 19 and over, which offer courses in various different areas of construction. These flexible courses last for up to 16 weeks and help you gain in-demand skills that employers are looking for!

University degrees

Many people who want to enter the construction industry will complete a related course at university; popular degrees include construction management, quantity surveying and engineering. 

An additional benefit of university is the option for a year’s placement, gaining valuable skills you can transfer to a future career in the industry, and even making connections along the way. 

Learning on the job

Of course, once you land a job in the sector doesn’t mean the learning stops there – we previously discussed the benefits of learning on the job (check it out here), and this is something we like to promote at TRIQS!

And we are currently looking for individuals of all levels to join us at TRIQS, with opportunities to become chartered and work across a range of fields including highways, nuclear, aviation, railways, data centres and more.

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