TRIQS’ Top 5 European projects of 2023

With both Europe Day and Eurovision taking place this week, TRIQS wanted to put the spotlight on the top 5 European construction projects currently underway.

Not only will these projects be hugely beneficial for the countries they are in, but they will also have influence on future construction here in the UK and across the world. 

Do you agree with our choices? Are there any other European projects you would add? Let us know!

Edge East Side Tower

Set to be one of Germany’s biggest skyscrapers, Edge East Side Tower in Berlin has also been dubbed one of the healthiest high-rise buildings, with its use of circular products, VOC-free materials and world class energy management.

This project began in 2019 and is set to open late 2023!

Four Frankfurt

Another influential German construction project is Four Frankfurt, which consists of 4 towers which will contain hotels, apartments, offices, a food hall and more. The highest tower, T1, is 233m tall, and T2, at 173m, will be one of the tallest residential skyscrapers in the country.

The aim of the project is to create a “City For All”, promoting accessibility and participation for the expected 3000 people working there and 1000 residents.

Aquatics Centre

The 2024 Paris Olympics are drawing closer, and so construction of the only permanent sports facility for the Games, the Aquatic Centre, is now underway. This will have an impact beyond the event though, offering the Seine-Saint-Denis department a much needed sports facility.

In line with sustainability, the centre will be low-carbon and all building materials will be bio-based. The roof will also be one of France’s largest urban solar farms!

Olkiluoto 3

Coming into action earlier this year, Olkiluoto 3 in Finland is Western Europe’s first new nuclear reactor in over 15 years! This will help the country reach its carbon neutrality goals, and offers a much-needed boost after cutting ties for oil and gas with Russia, Finland’s neighbour.

14% of the country’s electricity now comes from the reactor, and it is hoped to be in operation for at least another 60 years.

Mega powerline between the UK and Netherlands

And finally for a project partially based here in the UK, we have signed a deal with the Netherlands for the world’s largest multi-use powerline. 

This will connect our electricity grids via sub-sea cables, linked to a Dutch offshore wind farm. It is expected to be able to power 1.6million homes, more than the number of homes in Birmingham and Manchester combined!

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