TRIQS Top 5 benefits of T-Levels

With a new academic year underway, you may be thinking ahead to the future and what path you want to take – and one of these options is T-Levels!

T-Levels are designed for 16-19 year olds who have not enrolled in another type of post-16 education; they are a gold standard vocational course and since their introduction in 2020 are becoming a more and more popular option for young people.

We love that this provides a new way into the construction industry; construction-related T-Levels include:

  • Building Services Engineering for Construction
  • Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction
  • Onsite Construction

TRIQS’ top 5 benefits of T-Levels include:

They make a great alternative to A-Levels

If you are interested in a more vocational approach to post-16 education, T-Levels could be a great choice for you – one T-Level is worth the same number of UCAS points as 3 A-Levels, and is being recognised by a wide range of universities. 

They’re free

Since this is designed for 16-19 year olds after leaving school, you don’t have to pay anything!

You get to go on placement 

A huge benefit of T-Levels is that whilst 80% of time is spent in the classroom, the other 20% is spent on a minimum 9-week placement with an employer.

You will get a nationally recognised qualification

There are 3 possible qualification grades (pass, merit or distinction), and you will receive a certificate with your grade, which will be invaluable for your next steps.

They provide valuable skills

Especially with your industry placement, you will get a real insight to what your future career will entail, and you can make important connections that could prove vital later on. 

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And if you are currently searching for a job in the industry, TRIQS has some very exciting opportunities, including becoming chartered and working in nuclear, aviation, highways, data centres and more. 

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