TRIQS Top 5 Benefits of Construction Degrees

As it’s the time of year that many of you will be visiting universities and deciding which degree is right for you, here’s why we believe a construction related degree is a great choice to unlock an exciting future career in the industry!

In a previous TRIQS top 5 blog, we spoke about the ways to get into the construction industry (read it here) and one of these is through a university degree!

Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate, here are the 5 top benefits of a construction related degree of all levels:

Opportunity for placement year

Also called a “sandwich year”, your degree may give you the opportunity to spend time in the industry during your studies so you can gain valuable experience to apply both to your time at university and in your future job role!

Develop skills ready for the workplace

This will help enhance your CV and confidence going forward! Some key skills learnt on a construction degree include project management, surveying, learning about key technologies used in the industry, and understanding relevant laws and regulations.

Builds confidence

An overall benefit of attending university is building your confidence, not only in your future field of work but developing your personal skills, such as getting to know new people and working independently. 

Good post-graduate employment prospects

Statistics show that around 59% of graduates from construction related degrees find employment within the first 15 months after university, and many more will go into further study, such as postgraduate degrees and apprenticeships. 

Networking opportunities

From your fellow students to the staff within the department and those you will meet during industry placements, these connections will build your network which can even lead to you finding a future job role. 

        To find out which universities offer construction based degrees here in the UK, click here.

        Whichever path you have chosen to reach your desired career in construction, TRIQS is here with exciting opportunities within the industry, including becoming chartered and working in nuclear, aviation, highways, data centres and more.

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