1. What is your job role?

Business Development Manager

2. Briefly summarise what this entails?

To manage all existing and new client relationships, research and identify sales leads. To manage and develop all aspects of marketing, Public Relations and brand awareness.

3. Do you have a specialism in this role?

Not one particular specialism as I cover various areas. I do have to manage my time effectively, manage various individuals, whilst using a strategic and think outside the box approach to perform to the best of my ability.

4. How long have you worked in this industry?

9 years

5. Do you have a keen interest in one particular field in the industry?

Residential and Mechanical and Electrical

6. What specialist training have you undertaken for your role?

Management Training course, RICS Supervisor course.

7. Where did you complete this training?

Professional organisations, In-house training.

8. How long have you worked at TRIQS?

3 years 9 months

9. Whilst being with TRIQS how has your career developed?

Have taken on a management role with more responsibility.

10. Whilst being at TRIQS can you describe some of the projects you have worked on previously?

Tenders I have worked on include HS1, Trafford CC, Oxford CC, Places for People.

11. What is the best thing about working for TRIQS?

Positive and personal company who look after their employees. The main reason I came to work for TRIQS is Mark was looking to give to others, the opportunities he never had. Inspirational.

12. What has been your career highlight this far?

Watching the company grow and everyone adapt into their new roles. Being accepted onto our first tender, although no work has come from it as yet.

13. What are your career aims for the future?

To become more responsible and the best manager I can be. To bring more new Clients into the business to increase profit levels and employee numbers.

14. Tell us something that people don’t know about you?

I have an obsession with great white sharks, would be extremely deterred to go swimming with them though, as I would be highly likely to either drown from over excitement or get eaten.