TRIQS’ Top 5 benefits of working in the nuclear industry

Here at TRIQS, one of the industries we work closely with is nuclear, especially the development of Hinkley Point C, a nuclear power station that’s set to be commissioned by 2028.

And if you’ve been considering a career in the nuclear industry, here’s our top 5 benefits of working in this sector:

Variety of jobs

Whether you’re looking at more site-based roles or in-office, opportunities include everything from logistics and administration to engineers and plant operators; in fact, there’s over 400 job types at Hinkley Point C.

Develop your skills

Working in the nuclear industry is ever-changing, so there’s always a chance to begin, develop and progress your career in construction. 

Make valuable connections

The energy industry is one of the most diverse industries, and you’ll connect with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets that can help you enhance your career even further.

Be part of a sustainable industry

If you’re looking for a job that considers the people and planet, a role in the nuclear industry could be for you, with its constant aim to create a greener future.

Job security

Now that we as a country and planet move away from the use of fossil fuels, there’s always going to be opportunities available in cleaner energy sources like nuclear, whether that be in the development of new power plants or working on existing plants.

Are there any more benefits that you would add to our list? Let us know!

So if you’re interested in a career in nuclear projects like Hinkley Point C, we are welcoming individuals of all levels to join our team at TRIQS Consulting – please email for more details and to apply.