The green cities inspiring the future of UK construction

Cities both in the UK and across the world are being transformed to become more environmentally friendly and allow access to more green spaces for residents.

As the industry and beyond works towards net-zero targets, here are some of the green cities that have inspired us:

Vienna – over 50% of the city is made up of green spaces, half the city’s inhabitants use public transport regularly, and there is an abundance of city parks, walking routes and even a national park just outside of Vienna.

Munich – Munich is one the world’s most walkable cities, with rapid transit systems set to reduce car ownership. It also has some of the healthiest air for an urban city!

Berlin – taxes are increased on environmentally unfriendly activities, such as the use of petroleum, and they are leaders in water recycling from the city’s apartments.

Madrid – Madrid has many initiatives to be green, including upgrading all street lights to be energy efficient and having all taxis required to be eco-friendly.

São Paulo – despite having more than 20million inhabitants, it’s one of the world’s biggest users of renewable energy, and it launched its Strategic Master Plan, which improved public transport. 

But what can we take from this over here? We previously wrote about the 20 year plan to bring green spaces into Birmingham – check this out here.

And we are always looking at how our construction can be more sustainable for the years to come, and take influences from big projects that are implementing environmentally friendly practices, such as HS2. They have net zero targets for the railway line, and are working hard to replace lost habitats and restore green spaces.

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