Taking care of your mental wellbeing

Being cautious of your mental well-being during the coronavirus pandemic is incredibly important. Here are some different ways to help you take care of your mental well-being. Some might work for you and others may not but as long as you try what you’re comfortable with and try not to put too much pressure on yourself. 

Don’t Loose Contact – There may still be restrictions in place that prevent you from meeting others depending on where you live. Due to current circumstances, you still may feel uncomfortable doing this even if there are no restrictions in place preventing you. If you want to keep in touch with people, modern day technology allows us to video chat, call & text family and friends to keep in contact whilst staying safe. 

Find New Ways To Pass Time – There are many activities that can be relaxing and enjoyable during this time, that can allow you to use your creative side and express your feelings. Taking the time to learn new things that excite you can be beneficial to your mental health during this period. 

Look After Your Physical Health – Feeling anxious or low during this time can make it hard to focus on your physical health but taking small steps to look after your body can have a big effect on your mental health. 

Take In As Much Nature As You Can – Using this time to appreciate the things we have around us can have such a positive effect on our mental health. Sitting by a window, going on a walk, watching birds and other animals can also help give you a sense of space. 

Take Care With News & Information – Staying up to date with current events can be beneficial at this time but be careful of where you find your news and health information. Using trusted sources will ensure you are getting reliable updates.