Proud sponsors of Knowle Juniors

We have a clear vision when it comes to community and social responsibility, we have been proud to sponsor a range of organisations and events, including local football team Knowle Juniors.

We understand how grass-roots football plays a vital role in the local community, not only in keeping young people fit and healthy but also developing individual’s sporting talents. Here at TRIQS’s we pride ourselves in delivering remarkable results, as do the team at Knowle Juniors.

The team and community spirit played a huge part in our decision to support Knowle Juniors, we are very proud to be able to invest in the future of not just our industry, and who knows we may potentially be supporting a future sportsman at Knowles Juniors.

We recognise the importance of the team football kit, training gear and equipment and acknowledge the expense it can cost, which is why we didn’t hesitate when we were asked to sponsor Knowle Juniors Football club.

Wishing the team the best of luck in the new season!