Preparing yourself for a second lockdown

Think about your experience during the last lockdown

Thinking back to our first lockdown can allow you to figure out what it was that made you feel energised and happy during that time that you may be able to use this time around. It will allow you to take into account the things that had a negative impact on your first lockdown so you know what to avoid during this second lockdown. It is helpful to consider what got you through the first lockdown but don’t be afraid to find other ways to make you happy at this time. 

Prioritise self-care

Make sure to listen to how you’re feeling so that way you can figure out what it is your body needs to feel better and cope with the situation. It may be eating properly, sleeping regularly or exercising; but just make sure to take the time to take care of yourself amongst the chaos. By focusing on your self-care you’ll feel better able to cope with the second lockdown. 

Experience personal growth

Taking advantage of this time will allow for opportunities to learn something new or achieving different goals you haven’t been able to before. Setting yourself reasonable targets weekly will allow you to monitor your progress and achievements. Focusing on personal growth at this time will allow you to celebrate successes and will have a major positive impact on your health as well. 

Navigating change

COVID-19 has brought a lot of changes this past year and change is never easy so its okay to be uncomfortable with it and to feel like the situation is out of our control. There are many strategies, one being mindfulness, that can help you to navigate these circumstances. Being mindful is to be present of your surroundings which can help us to have more clarity on the situation and feel more comfortable with change.