International Women in Engineering Day: meet TRIQS’ Lucy

Happy International Women in Engineering Day from the team at TRIQS!

We love celebrating women in the construction and engineering industry, and so today we will be putting the spotlight on Lucy Williams, TRIQS’ business manager.

Lucy has over 14 years of experience in the construction industry, specialising in the building, rail and civil engineering sectors.

She started her career here at TRIQS as an assistant sales and HR executive, and has since held roles as a commercial resource manager, business development manager and now business manager!

Some of the tasks that Lucy works on include liaising with a wide range of people involved in policy areas such as staff performance and health and safety, and organising and recording in detail periodic employee appraisals in accordance with company procedures, analysing and delivering training needs, planning and conveying professional road maps, targets and goals for employees.

She also manages RICS employee structured training and ensures RICS codes, ethics and standards are always maintained.

Lucy said: “I have worked in the construction industry for 14 years and have seen some positive changes towards gender equality, though there is still a lot more work to be done.

“Construction has always been a male-dominated industry and I believe people’s preconceived ideas of this is deterring women away from this career path. The truth is women would bring new skill sets and perspectives to the industry and a lot of companies are already implementing these changes.

“My advice to anyone thinking of a new career in construction or even a career change would be to follow your dreams; if you want to become a bricklayer, quantity surveyor or project manager, do not be deterred by the old-fashioned way of thinking that this is a “man’s job”. 

“Plenty of women are already working successfully in these roles and there is a definite shift in the industry’s view on women in construction, but the only way that we will see some real change is for more women to be applying for and securing these jobs and working on the sites that were once male-dominated.”

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