How can the construction industry mark Recycle Week?

To mark Recycling Week on 19th-25th, we will be looking at the recycled construction materials that have made a positive environmental impact on the industry. 

Statistics show that 32% of waste that enters landfill comes from construction and building demolition, and 13% of products delivered to sites going directly to landfill, so it’s more important than ever to reduce these figures and start the transition towards zero waste. 

One of the most effective ways to recycle materials is through the composition of 6F2, an aggregate formed of brick, stone and concrete being crushed. This can then be used as a filler for general backfill, highway works and hard standing.

Recycling plastic is another key aim, which can then be turned into bricks (this makes them heat resistant) and roofing tiles, which are lighter, easier to install and more insulating when made from these plastics. 

Of course, there are many simpler changes that can be made to reduce plastic, such as avoiding materials that come wrapped in single-use plastic. 

This year’s Recycle Week focuses on reducing contamination, so ensuring sites are aware of what can and cannot be recycled is essential. Having a Site Waste Management Plan is one way to raise awareness. 

With continuous sustainability goals being laid out for both the construction industry and the UK in general, with Liz Truss clarifying she wants to continue the aim of net zero by 2050, making simple but effective changes will have a big impact in the long run.

How else do you think the construction industry can promote Recycling Week and other sustainable practices? Let us know.