Construction management – the route forward?

Construction Management is a procurement route whereby the works are constructed by a number of different trade contractors.

Trade Contractors are contracted to the client but managed by the Construction Management Team. This team will act as the agent for the Client, administering and coordinating the works contracts.

The Construction Management Team is generally appointed early in the design process so their experience can be used to improve the build-ability and packaging of proposals as they develop.

“Managing project developments through purpose built software will ultimately allow the construction manager full access and control over every aspect of the project plans, from which projects are falling behind and why to assigning new tasks and generating progress reports. Finally, when you consider the detrimental possibilities of not implementing professional construction management, whether it’s ineffectively tracking expenditure, a lack of communication or missing targets, professional construction management definitely presents itself as a project necessity.” (

Cost Saving Benefits of Construction Management:

  • Reduced tender & procurement input
  • Fast track speed of construction
  • Less adversarial problem solving culture
  • Major time saving in construction programme
  • Cost certainty with fees
  • Greater bargaining power with plant procurement
  • Reduced tiers of management and overlap
  • Reduced contractual disputes
  • Reduced layer of contractor’s overheads & added profit
  • Significant reduction in overall project cost

TRIQS collaborative construction management is tailored to suit a client’s needs and budget – our team hold over 20 years extensive experience in construction management and can manage the whole construction process to an effective and cost saving conclusion.

Posted by Lucy Williams (TRIQS Business Development Manager)