5 important green energy projects in Wales

Happy St David’s Day!

To celebrate, we have put together a list of 5 important Welsh energy projects that we think inspires sustainable construction across the UK.

Just today, the Secretary of State for Wales David TC Davies made an announcement regarding future green technology, saying that there’s huge potential for floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea, marine technology, nuclear and industrial decarbonisation.

Here’s some of their previous and upcoming projects that are making progress towards green technology and that TRIQS is inspired by:

Pen y Cymoedd

This is the largest onshore wind farm in England and Wales, with 76 turbines that became operational in 2017. The battery is able to respond to the needs of the grid system in less than a second, which means a stable supply of electricity to UK homes.

As well as existing wind farms like Pen y Cymoedd, Wales is continuing to develop their wind energy projects, such as the Y Bryn Project. This is expected to start construction this year, with up to 21 turbines located in South Wales.

Glyn Rhonwy

The Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Hydro project is a new-build hydroelectric energy storage scheme located in Llanberis, which utilises abandoned slate quarries as reservoirs for the pumped hydro facility.

This has a project lifespan of 125 years, and has an estimated carbon saving of 50,000 tons a year!

Milford Haven: Energy Kingdom

With over 25% of the UK’s energy coming through Milford Haven in liquified gas form, it’s important to move away from the use of fossil fuels. Therefore, the Milford Haven: Energy Kingdom project aims to explore a decarbonised hydrogen and renewable energy-based “smart local energy system”.

This also aims to make Milford Haven the UK’s hub for green energy and green hydrogen!

North Wales Tidal Lagoon

A £7bn tidal lagoon scheme is set to be developed off the coast of Conwy and Denbighshire – this will feature a 19-mile “barrage” with underwater turbines that are able to change the tide.

If this goes ahead, this could create 5000 jobs for the industry!

Pembroke Dock Marine

Education is also an important part of the continuation of green energy projects, and the Pembroke Dock Marine will establish a world-class centre for marine engineering. Its immediate focus will be the low carbon energy sector, to tie into net zero by 2050 goals.

Are there any more Welsh energy projects that you think will make a real impact both environmentally and technologically? Let us know, and don’t forget to follow TRIQS Consulting on social media for more of the latest news and top 5s from the construction and quantity surveying industry!